About Us

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About Us

At Candy Cane Tattoo Parlour, we stand at the intersection of art, consciousness, and creativity. Our journey began with a passion for tattoos, but it evolved into something more profound – a commitment to a lifestyle that respects both the individual and the planet. We take pride in being a vegan-friendly establishment, where every ink session aligns with compassion and ethical choices.

As recipients of the prestigious Plastic-Free Champion Award, we’ve made it our mission to ink responsibly. From our studio practices to the products we use, sustainability is at the heart of what we do. We believe that art should not come at the expense of the environment, and every tattoo at Candy Cane Tattoo Parlour is a testament to that belief.

Step into our studio, where talented artists weave stories on a canvas of skin, and where being vegan-friendly and environmentally conscious is not just a choice but a way of life. Join us on this creative journey, where your ink becomes a celebration of self-expression and a contribution to a greener, more compassionate world.

Custom Designs

Our customer experience caters around turning your ideas into reality by working with you to get a design that you are truely happy with. No matter if it’s a new design, cover up or a touch up on some older ink, we’re happy to help.

Body Piercing

Our artists are well-equipped to handle body piercings for your choosing. From your first Lobe piercings to Nipples & Dermal Anchors, you can count on us! Unfortunately, we do not do any genital piercings. We also have additional jewellery items in our store, check it out here.

Talented Artists

With diverse styles and a passion for pushing creative boundaries, our artists bring your ideas to life with precision and flair. Trust in the hands of our talented team, where the artistry is unparalleled, and every stroke tells a story.

Friendly & Welcoming

Our friendly and welcoming team is dedicated to making your tattoo experience not only unforgettable but also comfortable. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a familiar face, we’re here to listen, share, and bring your unique vision to life.


At Candy Cane Tattoo Parlour, we celebrate the art of self-expression with a conscience. Our vegan-friendly inks ensure that every masterpiece is crafted without compromise, aligning your values with your personal style.

Plastic-Free Champion

Proud recipients of the Plastic-Free Champion Award, we are committed to leaving a positive mark on the planet. From ink to packaging, we’ve embraced sustainable practices, making every visit to our studio a step towards a greener future.

Sustainable Practices

Beyond the artistry, our commitment to sustainability runs deep. Using eco-friendly disposables, and replacing our plastic products with paper and recycled products, we’re dedicated to minimizing our environmental footprint while maximizing your tattoo experience.

Expert Aftercare

Your ink journey doesn’t end in the studio. Our expert aftercare guidance ensures that your new tattoo receives the attention it deserves. From healing tips to product recommendations, trust us to keep your ink looking vibrant. You can purchase more aftercare here.

Meet The Team

Miss J

🎨 Meet Miss J, our master of ink! Specializing in all styles, from Japanese, new school, old school, realism, and everything in between! She infuses passion and precision into every tattoo, creating unique, meaningful art. With a distinctive touch and unwavering commitment to detail, Miss J transforms ideas into captivating, living masterpieces. Book your session today at Candy Cane Tattoo Parlour and let her bring your vision to life! 🌟✨:)

What Our Clients Say...

Here’s just a handful of reviews from our clients.

Got my nose pierced with a ring, can’t fault customer service. Made me feel so welcome, especially me being autistic. Was gentle and give me a sheet with good aftercare... read more

Marcus Mitchell Avatar Marcus Mitchell
May 20, 2023

Amazing artist and legend of a chick. Get down and check this place out!

Water & Sewer Avatar Water & Sewer
December 20, 2021

Ace!! Thanks 💓

M JC Avatar M JC
June 20, 2023